san jose

Commodore Park in San Jose is now ready for a Frisbee!

San Jose’s newest park features a colored pervious concrete path going around the park! And it is finally open! Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program honored the City of San José with an award for Commodore Park’s Site Design and Low Impact Development for Storm Water Pollution. The award recognizes the park's low-impact development features that are helping to protect water quality by filtering stormwater through plants and soil, while allowing stormwater to infiltrate into the ground to help replenish groundwater. 

Time to load up the family, grab the frisbee and explore this great new space. It has children’s playground equipment, adult’s exercise equipment, picnic areas and a grassy expanse, all accessed by ADA friendly pervious concrete. It is a lovely space to spend the day.

If you head out there, please send us photos of you enjoying the park! We will post them here! :)