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Pervious Concrete Specification and Design Details

Pervious Concrete Specification - Revised March 2018
Specifications for pervious concrete with a classic finish. Please contact us for specifications that require a different finish option.

Pervious Concrete Typical Details

Pedestrian Walkway
Residential Driveway
Medium Duty Parking Lot
Emergency Vehicle Access Road
Light Duty Public Street

Base Design Tables: Base Reservoir Depth per Infiltration Rate
Use these handy tables as cheat sheets when you're sizing your project's pervious concrete reservoir base section thickness. 

Detail: Roof Drain Piped to Pervious Concrete Base, or, Adjacent to Building
Treat and infiltrate your building's roof stormwater by using this air gap drain to direct water into the pervious concrete stormwater system. 

Pervious Concrete Performance Data Sheet - Revised February 2018
Material performance specification for pervious concrete with a standard 3/8" aggregate finish.

Davis Concrete Color Chart
Concrete looks better with color, this Davis integral color chart provides examples. Contact us for custom color staining options.

Whitepapers - Bay Area Pervious Concrete Technical Services

What Makes a Good Pervious Concrete Specification
David Liguori's article for the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County explains how keeping your specifications up-to-date will allow you to promote good practices, have better performance, and protect you should there be any problems. 

The Evolution of Mix Design
Learn how and why pervious concrete mix design requires a different formula than conventional concrete mixes.

Pervious Concrete and Rebar
Does Pervious Concrete use Rebar? No, read this whitepaper to learn why.

Pervious Concrete and Water Quality Summary
A technical summary of water quality testing and results for pervious concrete installations in the US.

Pervious Concrete Maintenance

Maintenance Manual - Bay Area Pervious Concrete
Bay Area Pervious Concrete's maintenance manual to keep your pervious concrete infiltrating.

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association Pervious Concrete Qualifications

Bay Area Pervious Concrete's NRMCA Pervious Concrete Certifications
Bay Area Pervious Concrete's employee NRMCA Pervious Concrete certifications list.

Importance of Using Certified Pervious Concrete Contractors - NRMCA
The NRMCA’s Pervious Concrete Promotion Subcommittee released paper to explain why hiring an NRMCA Certified Pervious Concrete Craftsmen for your project is necessary for quality assurance. Bay Area Pervious Concrete was a contributing editor.

Pervious Concrete Academic Research

Emergency Services and Pervious Concrete - California Sea Grant College Program - UC Davis
Typically pervious concrete slabs have a compressive strength of around 2,500 psi, more than required to handle emergency service vehicles.  

Tree Growth and Pervious Concrete - Texas A &M
Study found that trees planted with pervious concrete had a 68% greater diameter relative growth rate than those treated with conventional concrete plots.

Maintenance Study of Pervious Concrete Pavements - University of Central Florida
Installations, some as old as 20 years with no prior maintenance, were studied to determine the effectiveness of various maintenance practices. All sites were functioning prior to testing and all experienced improved infiltration rates after cleaning.

San Francisco Bay Regional Stormwater Regulations

San Francisco Bay Region, Provision C.3 Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit - Revised November 2015
San Francisco Bay regional municipal stormwater requirements for new construction and redevelopment projects.