San Jose Environmental Innovation Center - Another Award Winner!

The Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program (SCVURPPP) announced that the San Jose Environmental Innovation Center (SJEIC) was among the winners of the 2015 Site Design for Protecting Water Quality. The site design award recognizes a project that meet and exceeds stormwater permit requirements for low impact development treatment. Bay Area Pervious Concrete is proud to have installed the Classic Pervious concrete in Yosemite Brown for this project. 

All in one! Solar, wind, EV charging, and pervious concrete!

All in one! Solar, wind, EV charging, and pervious concrete!

It is no wonder the SJEIC won a site design award. Our friends at SWA Group did a fantastic job highlighting all the innovative environmental systems in operation on this project. The SJEIC features solar and wind energy production - which when I visited were in full swing- as well as EV charging parking stalls, carpool-only parking stalls, LOTS of pervious surfaces, bioswales, rainwater collection and reuse. The businesses that operate out of the space are even sustainability focused. It's the real deal as far as a sustainable site!


This is the second year in a row that Bay Area Pervious Concrete gets to celebrate a SCVURPPP award winning project. Previously we have also celebrated the Commodore Park in San Jose receiving the same award in 2014.