RC Ready Mix - Sample Slab with Decorative Pervious

We teamed up with RC Ready Mix to do a sample pour over in their yard, with their aggregate. They wanted to see how it went down, and we wanted to see how our mix design would work with their rocks.  Not only did the installation turn out REALLY WELL, but Rob Estrada was able to really show us all a few MORE possibilities for decorative pervious concrete!

The first question is always ‘how well does it drain?’ Check out the video below to watch the front end loader dump a bucketful of water on the slab!

We agree with the driver, thumbs up! A few days later, Rob went over there to try some designs to see how they could look.  We are well known for our Polished Pervious™, which you can see below, next to the Classic Pervious Concrete.

To get a closer look at the great texture, we took a close up. You can see the Polished Pervious Concrete ™, and then set into the pervious a pattern that was added well after the plastic was pulled up.

And here is where Rob really let loose!  As Rob added these layers of color and texture to the Pervious Concrete, you can see the window that RC Ready Mix installed when they were framing. That allows one to see the water going through the layers of the Pervious Concrete System.

Here is most of the slab - you can see the suns and the moon and the gorgeous colors that were used!

If you would like to see this in person, it will only be in the yard for a limited time. Contact us for more information.