Bunyan Pervious Roast 2012 - Hot days in the desert!

Bunyan Pervious Roast 2012 - Just outside Las Vegas

Out in the Nevada desert, outside of the Vegas we know is a far dustier affair known as the Pervious Roast. Dave Mitchell and team put together a spectacular 3+ days of speakers, pervious pours and food, which by all accounts was very informative and fun.

Our own David Liguori spoke at an un-scheduled moment to go over what goods and the not-so-good installations look and sound like. The video will be posted in an upcoming blog post. There were also presentations from Scott Erickson of Evolution Paving, and Jereme Montgomery.

BAPC's Rob Estrada was able to snag a picture with Matt Offenberg, of bell-ringing fame. You can see how glad they are to head into the (air conditioned) NRMCA meeting.

~ Update: Lauren Wray
- Photo Credits: Robert Estrada, David Liguori, Lauren Wray