Arroyo Mocho Trail Trys Out Some Pervious Concrete

Arroyo Mocho Trail Trys Out Some Pervious Concrete

The City of Pleasanton is trying to solve two issues they are having along their Arroyo Mocho Trail, flooding and maintenance costs. The project represents a testing site for the city to study and compare surface performance and maintenance costs of asphalt, decomposed granite and pervious concrete. Pervious concrete was specifically installed in an area that is prone to flooding. We, at BAPC, are pretty confident they will find similar results that other cities have when it comes to the high performance and low maintenance costs of pervious concrete. 

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Arana Gulch Trail - A Revisit

If you haven't been lucky enough to experience the renovated Arana Gulch Trail in Santa Cruz yet, you are in luck! Thanks to a video shot by Greg McPheeters, of People Power,  you can ride the trail from anywhere.

We are so happy that people are excited about the new trail and are sharing their experiences of it. If you have your own Arana Gulch trail photos to share we would love to see them.

Santa Cruz loves Pervious Concrete

....for park multi-use trails!!

Revisited the trail in March 2015.

Revisited the trail in March 2015.

While we know pervious concrete is a great multi-use trail material, the City of Santa Cruz spent years seeking the perfect trail material before they settled on pervious concrete for the Arana Gulch multi-use trail project. They needed something that was safe and non-slip in all weather conditions, accessible for wheelchairs in all weather, protected water quality, was permeable, low maintenance, and looks the part- clearly pervious concrete! 

The City agreed that pervious concrete met all their needs and then some. Below is the list of features they considered in selecting pervious concrete:

  • Durable;  does not rut, ravel or crack easily 
  • Strong; stays firm, level and safe
  • Long life expectancy
  • Low glare
  • Integral color of native earth
  • Low maintenance
  • Good for wheelchairs, strollers etc.
  • Less inviting for skateboards and fast traffic
  • Accommodates light maintenance vehicles
  • Rustic appearance
  • Porous 
  • Cost effective

We don’t need to quote them further, read their original blog post for more details. Great work, Santa Cruz!! Even more great they hired BAPC to install it. Above you can see a photo of the Broadway Brommer Arana Gulch path that we installed.  If you use the Arana Gulch Broadway Brommer Multi-Use path, send us your photos, and we would love to post them!