Creating a Curvaceous Polished Pervious Concrete Patio

What do you do when you love to entertain in your backyard, but every time it rains your backyard gets flooded with puddles? That was the problem one of our clients was trying to solve when they discovered pervious concrete. The only problem was that many of the examples they saw online were mostly rectangular, solid color, installations - something that would not provide a unique show-piece for their backyard. They wanted something that was a talking point for their guests, a patio that stood out from the rest. Luckily, they contacted Bay Area Pervious Concrete. Working with them we developed this custom designed curvaceous patio. 


The patio was designed to flow around the backyard, to provide enough room for entertaining, while still leaving room for the owner's gardening projects. Best of all, the pervious concrete put an end to the flooding and puddling issues that sometimes put a damper their party plans.


To create the visual interest that the owner desired colored borders were tooled in by our NRMCA Certified Installers and Technicians. A Polished Pervious finish was also applied to the large center section, while the colored border was left in the Classic Pervious Concrete finish. The terra cotta color was chosen for the border to compliment existing walkways along the sides of the house. We achieved this unique look using only one concrete pour, rather than the standard two pours that most borders tend to require. This allowed us to pass along some savings, in time and money, to the owners, while still achieving a hand-crafted result.


When our clients request something unique Bay Area Pervious Concrete delivers! Let us know what you think. If you have a unique pervious concrete project you want to discuss, please Contact Us.