Pervious In Paradise - a summary look back

(‘View from the Hotel’ photo credit: Bob Banka)

(‘View from the Hotel’ photo credit: Bob Banka)

Pervious in Paradise was a great conference. There were great presentations, solid attendance and wonderful networking! And every night, FIREWORKS!! Well, those might have been for the SeaWorld guests, who were adjacent to the conference site, but we enjoyed it nonetheless!

As we get materials and permission, we will be posting briefs on a few of the presentations. There were some fantastic new ideas, ongoing development of existing ideas and industry knowledge getting more refined. Highlights included 

  • pervious concrete site and pavement design with Michael Hein P.E. and Chris Estes, ASLA,
  • notes from the Puget Sound with Andrew Marks P.E.,
  • some truly innovative applications of pervious concrete with Muhannad Suleiman, Ph.D.,
  • great modeling of voids and their implication with Narayanan Neithalath, Ph.D. P.E.
  • discussions of fibers and silica fume with John Kevern Ph.D. P.E. LEED AP

There were many good speakers, and solid content throughout. More soon, and we are already looking forward to the next conference! Did you go? What did you think? Your comments are always appreciated!

Pervious in Paradise is coming up!

It is time again for the most glorious of the pervious concrete conferences - The NPCPA Pervious in Paradise! It is where many of the pervious concrete thinkers and doers get together to exchange ideas and enjoy a new beautiful location - this time in San Diego.

We are looking forward to it particularly as BAPC’s David Liguori will be discussing reinforced pervious concrete and how rebar is not ever an appropriate reinforcement technique for pervious concrete. You can see more of the speakers here. We invite you to join us > Click here to register!

To get you all more excited about the conference we have some of the photos from the last Pervious In Paradise here!

Pervious in Paradise 2012 - a recap!

The NPCPA’s First Annual Conference

Bay Area Pervious Concrete went to the US Virgin Islands for the Pervious in Paradise conference. David Liguori attended, because well, someone had to!

It was a great meeting with a small group with most of the attendees presenting content over the 2 days of speaker and 2 days of break outs. David presented on the Bay Are Pervious Concrete decorative finishes. We have a downloadable deck of our decorative finishes here.

The final day everyone gathered at a local school to pour a driveway with a local contractor. The concrete truck had to take a ferry to get to the island from the batch plant an island over. The mix was 2 hours old before it even arrived on the site! Fortunately, we had had many, many qualified folks to help offer guidance, work, shovel and supervise.

See you next time!

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