Pervious in Paradise 2012 - a recap!

The NPCPA’s First Annual Conference

Bay Area Pervious Concrete went to the US Virgin Islands for the Pervious in Paradise conference. David Liguori attended, because well, someone had to!

It was a great meeting with a small group with most of the attendees presenting content over the 2 days of speaker and 2 days of break outs. David presented on the Bay Are Pervious Concrete decorative finishes. We have a downloadable deck of our decorative finishes here.

The final day everyone gathered at a local school to pour a driveway with a local contractor. The concrete truck had to take a ferry to get to the island from the batch plant an island over. The mix was 2 hours old before it even arrived on the site! Fortunately, we had had many, many qualified folks to help offer guidance, work, shovel and supervise.

See you next time!

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