Pervious Concrete Meets Regulation, Lowers Project Costs, and Generates Revenue

There is a new pervious parking lot in Richmond, CA. Located at the new Harbourview Apartments this parking lot is 100% pervious concrete. Parking lots are the perfect application for pervious concrete. They epitomize the principal of Large Area Thin Infiltration Systems (LATIS).  Converting the pavement into a passive storm water detention system, that meets Provision C.3 Municipal regulations, without giving up valuable land to rain gardens, bioswales or detention ponds.

BAPC-Harbourview-pervious concrete-parking lot
BAPC-Harbourview-Pervious concrete parking lot (2)

This Richmond infill project had a fairly small footprint to work with. If they had used only gardens, bioswales or a detention pond to meet regulations it would have diminished the number of housing units or increased project costs. By utilizing pervious concrete for the entire parking lot, the project was able to build more rentable units and achieve the most cost-effective solution, all while meeting Provision C.3 regulations. 

Conventional stormwater methods limit developable space, while pervious concrete maximizes it.

Conventional stormwater methods limit developable space, while pervious concrete maximizes it.

Pervious concrete is a stormwater management system that doubles as a pavement. The image above demonstrates the ability of pervious concrete and LATIS to bring additional value to a project. By combining the stormwater management system with the parking lot the example project gained an additional acre of revenue-generating space. If a project already has specified pavement areas, then why use costly additions to your project that do not provide further value? In most cases if a pervious concrete system is designed properly, stormwater infrastructure can be eliminated from the project, grading and excavation can be simplified, and additional property can be developed.

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