Want to Improve your Low-Impact Development Projects? Take This Tour.

Santa Cruz County is providing a tour of five of its recent low-impact development projects. At each stop on the tour you will be able to gain insights from the project managers, engineers, architects and contractors that worked on the projects. You'll have the opportunity to hear from them how they designed the project, how it was installed, and what they learned from working on the project; as well as ask them any questions you have. This is a very good opportunity to gain knowledge of how you can improve your own LID projects. 

In addition, the tour features Bay Area Pervious Concrete's installation at Heart of Soquel Park. David Liguori will be at the Heart of Soquel Park tour stop to talk about the pervious concrete courtyard and parking lot we installed at the park in 2015. So if you have questions about how to design with pervious concrete, or are curious about its installation, don't miss this tour.

Space is limited, so register for the tour today!