Residential Driveways Using Pervious Concrete - Mother Nature Approved!

We recently installed three pervious concrete driveways in a new residential development in Concord, CA. These driveways feature our Classic Pervious Concrete finish and we think they look great!

BAPC-Cowell Rd-Concord-driveway-pervious concrete
BAPC-Cowell Rd-Concord-pervious concrete.jpg

Pervious concrete helped this residential development meet the Provision C.3 in the Municipal Regional Permit - which require site designs for new developments and redevelopments to minimize the area of new roofs and impervious paving. Concord, among many other bay area cities, have restrictions on how impervious a development can be. Pervious concrete when incorporated into the stormwater control plan allows you to combine your hardscape with your stormwater management system - reducing costs and environmental impact, while increasing development space. Win-Win-Win!

A hummingbird feels at home among pervious concrete 

These driveways are allowing stormwater to infiltrate into the ground which is just what mother nature had intended. This hummingbird agrees that pervious concrete creates a healthy environment, it's sure to be back for another visit.

If you have questions about Provision C.3 requirements, or how pervious concrete could fit into your stormwater control plan, please contact us.