Mac Dutra Plaza Revitalized with Pervious Concrete

Last week, in the heart of Half Moon Bay, CA the community was celebrating the re-grand opening of Mac Dutra Plaza. Located in downtown Half Moon Bay, the park has been revitalized to become a pulse point for the community. A joint effort between the City, Friends of Half Moon Bay Parks and Recreation as well as the Half Moon Bay Beautification Committee helped to bring about this dramatic transformation. Included in the new design is a stage with overhead trellis and hanging lights, decorative water fountain, and more seating provided through movable tables and chairs.

Curving throughout the plaza is Bay Area Pervious Concrete's signature Colored Polished Pervious Concrete.  A combination of pervious concrete and pavers were used to aid in stormwater management for the plaza.

BAPC-Mac Dutra Plaza

Our expert installation crew knew just how to install the pervious concrete to embrace all of the curves that were designed into the space.

BAPC-Mac Dutra Palza2

The color combination on this project is just gorgeous! The color of the pervious concrete matches the "beach" sand settled in between all the pavers perfectly. Sometimes it's hard to tell just where the pervious concrete ends and the sand begins.

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