The Heart of Soquel

The City of Santa Cruz cannot seem to get enough pervious concrete. One of its latest examples of pervious concrete can be seen at the the newly renovated Heart of Soquel Park, located in Soquel Village near Porter Street and Soquel Drive. 


To maximize the site's ability to protect the nearby Soquel Creek, pervious concrete was used in the park's plaza and for the adjacent parking stalls. Bay Area Pervious Concrete installed Classic Pervious® concrete in both of these spaces, utilizing the color Autumn Beige to bring a warmth throughout the plaza space. 

Bay-Area-Pervious-Concrete_Heart-of-Soquel-Park_Pervious-Concrete_Santa-Cruz_Park-Plaza-Parking (2)
Bay-Area-Pervious-Concrete_Heart-of-Soquel-Park_Pervious-Concrete_Santa-Cruz_Park-Plaza-Parking lot (3)

With open space and a pedestrian path along the upper bank of the Soquel Creek, this is a great adaptive park for you to visit and enjoy. The community celebrated the grand opening of the park and they seemed to really enjoy the new park.  After your visit let us know what you think!