evolution pervious fine mix

Evolution Architectural Pervious Concrete Certificate of Endorsement!

We are excited to announce that we, at Bay Area Pervious Concrete, hold an Evolution Architectural Pervious Concrete Certificate of Endorsement from Evolution Paving to install their Architectural Fine Pervious Concrete sidewalk mix! We have worked with Evolution paving on a project in Sonoma, more photos here, installing the fine sidewalk mix, and we have it down - pun intended. 

Please contact us for pricing and references so that we can install for you soon!

Photos of the Finished Valley Oak Co-Housing Project

As the landscaping grows in, and the people move in, the pervious concrete hardscapes just get better looking! Check out the below photos for a more updated view of Evolution Paving’s Architectural Fine Pervious Concrete that we placed at the Valley Oaks Co-Housing project in Sonoma.

Tell us what you think!  Do these look like livable hardscapes to you? Honestly, I just want to pet that puppy! :)