Introducing BAPC's Portola Pervious Concrete™!

Are you looking for a natural-looking, low-impact hardscape material? BAPC would like to introduce our latest new finish option - Portola

BAPC Portola Pervious Concrete™

BAPC Portola Pervious Concrete™

Our Portola Pervious Concrete™ provides a similar aesthetic to Decomposed Granite (DG), while providing the same durability, permeability and low-maintenance as the rest of our pervious concrete. All without the mess and maintenance challenges of DG.

Over the last decade BAPC has seen many DG hardscapes fail in different ways. Vehicle and foot traffic abrasion loosens the granite granules creating dust and debris that spreads everywhere. The fine granules become muddy from rain, and ruts are developed from stormwater runoff. Maintaining DG can also be very difficult, because typical landscaping maintenance tools, such as leaf blowers, rakes and power washers, cannot be used without further damaging the surface layer. This leads many homeowners to replacing their DG driveways only after a few years, negating the cost savings and environmental benefits.

DG driveway three years after installation

A recent client had those exact problems. The homeowners originally installed a driveway and carport using a resin-bound DG material. They were told that the DG was long-lasting, environmentally-friendly, and durable. Unfortunately, within three years of completion the driveway was crumbling and washing away; creating a lot of dust, debris, and large ruts. In some places the ruts were nearly twelve inches deep, making it very difficult to drive on. 

Now with their newly installed BAPC Portola Pervious Concrete driveway and carport they are singing praises for pervious concrete.

BAPC-Portola Pervious Concrecrete-driveway.jpg
Same driveway, but now with BAPC Portola Pervious Concrete 

Same driveway, but now with BAPC Portola Pervious Concrete 

BAPC developed Portola Pervious Concrete™ to provide its clients with an alternative to DG that does not sacrifice the natural look or the environmentally-friendly qualities they desire. Our pervious concrete will maintain it's integrity for 50 years, with little to no maintenance required.

You can read more about how we used Portola Pervious Concrete™ at the Tah Mah Lah residence, or contact us to provide an estimate for your project.