City of Palo Alto Endorses Pervious Concrete!

We are happy to announce that another city has chosen to join the pervious concrete bandwagon. The City of Palo Alto recently finished the renovation of El Camino Park. One feature of the renovation is a pervious concrete walkway along the edge of the new soccer field. This new walkway was completed just in time to enjoy some of the first fall colors, and is ready for forthcoming winter rains.

Not only has Palo Alto endorsed pervious concrete by using it at El Camino Park, but it also provides rebates for pervious concrete. Rebates are available for the installation of pervious concrete for both residential and commercial properties. Property owners can apply for a rebate of $1.50 per square foot of permeable pavement; up to $1,000 for residential projects and up to $10,000 for commercial projects. See our FAQ page for more rebate information.

We can't get enough of those fall colors. What do you think of our latest installation? Do you want to join the pervious concrete bandwagon? Contact us.