Did you say Decorative Pervious Concrete?

We have just compiled a ready-to-distribute deck on Bay Area Pervious Concrete’s own decorative concrete innovations! Featuring everything from a metallic fleck to our exposed smooth aggregate finish featuring custom aggregates, pervious concrete no longer has to look like rice crispy treats. You can download a copy of our pdf right here: PDF of Bay Area Pervious Concrete’s decorative looks! Give us a call or email us here if you would like more information, a driveway or parking lot in the below finish, or an in-office presentation with samples!

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Redwood Avenue - Driveway

The Situation:
The client had flooding in the back and front of the house due to an uneven grade of the lot and excessive roof runoff.



Why Pervious Concrete?
He initially wanted a pervious concrete driveway because of impervious ground cover limitations in his city.

The Solution:
We designed a pervious concrete driveway and side yard that is also the retention pond for all of the roof and yard runoff.The pervious concrete water retention system captures 100% of their runoff from the roof AND the lot. They now have a dry front yard, back yard and they can grill just off the kitchen without puddles!

redwood-after1redwood side yard after